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New range of eye protection
Published:  16 May, 2014

Scott_Safety.pngSCOTT SAFETY says any kind of visual impairment can reduce a person’s health and wellbeing, affect their ability to work and also their ability to perform normal, everyday activities such as reading or driving.

As designer, manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment, the company is launching a new and revitalised goggle range, specifically designed to encourage wearer use and acceptance.

The first stage in a total revamp of its eye protection portfolio, Scott Safety says its new goggle range combines the latest technology with modern design. Utilising flexible, comfortable materials and anthropomorphic data, Scott Safety says it has optimised the shape and size of its goggles to ensure a secure fit from a wide range of users. The new models offer a variety of material and venting options to improve comfort and encourage user adoption.

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