Plant & Works Engineering
Automation and the rise of the microfactory

Steven Hayes, managing director of Beckhoff Automation UK, explains why some manufacturers are using automation to operate on a smaller footprint.

Centralised or decentralised automation? That is the question

Tony Coghlan, Managing Director at Turck Banner, takes a look at the discussion surrounding whether automation should be centralised or decentralised.

Driving innovation on the warehouse floor

Wayne Turtill, product manager, Drives, Servos and LVS at Mitsubishi Electric, explains what to look for when selecting VSDs for futureproof stacker cranes.

Waste not want not

Thomas Marks, AEMT Secretary, looks at how the service and repair sector can help operators of electrical equipment to reduce running costs and their environmental impact at the same time.

Five small changes to boost plant efficiency

The energy cost to run an electric motor over ten years is at least 30 times the original purchase price. With energy consumption responsible for the vast majority of whole life costs, Marek Lukaszczyk of motor and drive manufacturer, WEG, explains five ways to improve motor energy efficiency. Thankfully, changes in a plant do not have to be huge to reap savings. Many of these changes will work with your existing footprint and equipment.

The benefits of investing in smart drive technology

PWE takes a look at the top five ways to improve ROI on industrial drive technology.

The circular economy

The average European uses 16 tonnes of resources a year, of which only 40% is recycled. This is clearly not sustainable, so the idea of the Circular Economy was born to help us to move away from this situation. Dr. Hugh Falkner looks into how the repair industry is central to the Circular Economy.

Halting harmful harmonics

John Mitchell, business development manager of CP Automation explores active and passive filtering.

PLCs and PACs – which one is right for you?

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of industrial obsolete parts supplier, EU Automation explores the pros and cons of using traditional programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and newer programmable automation controllers (PACs).

PLCs and PACs – which one is right for you?

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of industrial obsolete parts supplier, EU Automation explores the pros and cons of using traditional programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and newer programmable automation controllers (PACs).

Drives pump up the savings for water supplier

The UK’s largest water-only supply company Affinity Water, implemented a project with one of its framework contractors for replacement of the existing vertical turbine pumps with submersible pump sets manufactured by Bedford Pumps. PWE reports.

The road to energy efficiency

Tony Young, owner director of supply and repair specialist CP Automation, explains how easy it can be to make industrial applications more energy efficient by using regenerative braking.

The future of inverter drives…

Oliver Endres, European product manager Inverter, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., Factory Automation European Business Group explains how inverter drive technology is evolving to help the water industry where equipment may be expected to run for 25 years and judging by current evidence, could be in operation for a century or more.

What causes variable-speed drive trips and failures?

Alan Jones, sales director for APDS, and one of ABB’s authorised value providers based in Bristol, gives an insight into why drives fail and how to prevent such occurrences.

The need for clean compressed air

In the world of classic cars the E-Type Jaguar would probably be among the first to be mentioned by anyone asked to name a design classic and today this is certainly one of the most prestigious and sought after models. Demand for the car, famously described by Enzo Ferrari as ‘the most beautiful car in the world’ continues to grow and the restoration and re-engineering of E-Types has become a highly specialised process requiring exceptional craftsmanship, expertise and a great deal of time. PWE takes a look at how HPC Compressors is helping with re-engineering of the iconic E-Type.

25 things you may not know about drives

Drives have been a key technology for industrial engineers for many years but Matt Handley of Mitsubishi Electric thinks they can be underappreciated. Here he highlights some of the interesting facts about them.

Extending life expectancy

When addressing the operating costs of a modern heavy industrial production facility, most industrial processes will involve electric motors and all will need the services of a generator, either directly on site or indirectly through the electricity supplier. Prolonging the service life of these vital pieces of equipment can deliver significant improvements in their life cycle cost as well as operational savings for the production facility. Richard Emery, head of technical services at the Sulzer Birmingham Service Centre, looks at the issues and some potential resolutions.

Motor and drive efficiency – a collective approach!

Efficiency, reliability and total cost of ownership are all terms that are at the forefront of engineering considerations, however looking at items of equipment on an individual basis may not deliver the maximum benefits. By looking at the wider picture and combining the best technology from individual areas it is possible to achieve much more significant savings and efficiencies. Markus Kutny, product manager, energy efficiency solutions at Bauer Gear Motor, explains.

Listening for trouble!

Plant and maintenance engineers often seem to have an intuitive nose for trouble, so are able to predict pending problems with machinery and take pre-emptive action to prevent them. It is not the result of magical powers, rather of long experience with plant and machinery. Bill Bertram of motor maker Marathon Electric explains how different motor sounds can be interpreted.

Automation on the upswing

GAMBICA’s deputy director and convener of the organisation’s Variable Speed Drives group, Steve Brambley, explains why the invention of the wheel provides valuable insight for succeeding in today’s growing automation market.

Drives help stem the tide

With much of the country experiencing severe weather conditions and flooding. PWE reports on a London flood defence system that was refurbished using a motor drives system from Bosch Rexroth.