Plant & Works Engineering
Vacuum cleaners aid cleaning routines
Published:  08 July, 2011

For many years now Fengrain has always relied on the Big Brute vacuum cleaners to aid in its stringent cleaning routines and with the expansion and construction of further silos an additional vacuum cleaner was called for.

The Fengrain store located at March in Cambridgeshire is registered under the Trade Assured Scheme for Combinable Crops and provides a 100,000 tonne grain storage facility with a sophisticated sampling system. The facility is capable of efficiently storing and drying all types of combinable crops.       

Mick a long time employee of Fengrain gave the ultimatum that if another vacuum cleaner was to be bought “it had to be the Big Brute”. Having used vacuum cleaners in the past, which have fallen well short of the mark, the choice is said to have been easy. The Big Brute was chosen due to the ease of operation, its power, which enables the collection of large quantities of material over long distances and sheer strength and reliability which allows the Big Brute to be used in unforgiving environments repeatedly.

The new Big Brute was from the Suck & Dump range, which enables the Big Brute to be lifted by forklift or other tined lifting device through the special Suck & Dump trolley. The collected debris and grain can be discharged via a large flap in the base of the collections drum without the need for manual lifting and handling. A full comprehensive tool kit was also provided for all aspects of cleaning and although not taken at the time the 710mm wide front mounted Warehouseman brush to rapidly clean very large floor areas can be added at a later date.


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