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Excell-environmental solutions test facility open week – foam compaction
Published:  15 March, 2011


Monday 7th to Saturday 12th March is the first EXCELL-ES test facility open week for 2011.

“We are very excited to be in a position to now have both the Lion and Tiger machines on demonstration”, commented Malcolm Fletcher, Managing Director. Such an event should prove extremely informative and in a relaxed setting create a more than ideal environment to establish a best system solution to go forward for prospective customers.

These event is open to prospective and existing customers alike, providing a fertile platform to discuss one-on-one new business opportunities with our team of engineers and sales people. During the event visitors are welcome to evaluate foam compaction technology  by conducting machine trials using their own materials and welcome to return home the results.

The open week will include some real surprises, new machinery technology developments and of course, exclusive to the event, very attractive deals & discounts on new and ex-demonstrator machines.

Excell Environmental Solutions Limited, based in Aylesford, Kent are now the UK & Ireland Heger representative. Heger are recognised as European specialists in foam compaction for many different types of foam waste materials.

The Heger range of screw compactors are designed for the compaction of foam plastic waste streams into an easily handled extruded profile. Such materials include:  EPP, XPS, EPS, EPE and EPS Styropor (Stryofoam ®).

A compression ratio of as much as 50:1 creates a waste stream which reduces its environmental impact through unnecessary transportation.

Call our friendly customer support team or visit our website for; Tiger, Lion, Compression Line,  Tel: 0870 428 2688