Plant & Works Engineering
Damage limitation for ‘dodgy’ ladders
Published:  14 October, 2010

“Don’t let ‘dodgy’ ladders shatter lives”, that’s the message from for companies who don’t keep a careful eye on their ladders and risk the health and safety of their staff. The company’s message is in support of the 2010 Ladder Exchange which started on 1st September with Ladderstore an HSE campaign partner for the fourth year. Last year 1400 ‘dodgy’ ladders were taken out of service, with a total of 7000 since the campaign began in 2007, as ladder owners and users were given the opportunity to get rid of bent, broken or battered ladders in exchange for new ones at discounted prices. Ladderstore has seen its fair share of surrendered ladders but puts its emphasis on education for ladder users through training and correct on-going ladder inspection. Gail Hounslea, managing director of, commented: “This year we have even more to offer businesses and organisations. As before, we are taking in old and damaged ladders and offering a great discount on a new replacement, but in addition we are also offering a free Ladderlog Starter Pack worth £12.95, a ladder safety checklist which can be downloaded for free and 10% off our ladder training courses held at either our Bolton Training Centre or on-site.”