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Air-Tech showcases energy
Published:  05 August, 2010

At Air-Tech 2010, CompAir exhibited models from its range of rotary screw and Hydrovane compressors. Technical experts were on hand throughout the show to advise on the different options available to businesses keen to improve environmental performance and increase production efficiencies.

Exhibited for the first time was the new SmartAir Master, an energy-saving, compressor-management system.  The controller is designed to be very simple to install and commission, ensuring that the network is set up correctly and the most efficient compressor combination is selected to meet plant demand; thereby avoiding the risk and associated cost of offload running.

In addition, SmartAir Master provides detailed management reports to help plant engineers improve compressor performance further.  These are available on a visual touchscreen or can be transferred to and analysed on a pc, using a removable SD memory card.

The CompAir Stand also included the company's latest range of regulated speed units (L-RS), designed to meet the wide variation in demand necessary in modern processes.

Proven to deliver up to 25% energy savings compared to standard fixed-speed units, the RS range provides a high quality, reliable source of air to offer a low total cost of ownership.

Products in the regulated speed RS range now include a 90kW model and offer a noise reduction of 2 dB(A) when compared to previous models.

The DH15 oil-free compressor was also on display. Designed to use absolutely no oil, the DH15 instead uses high quality water injection to lubricate, seal and cool the compression process, assuring premium air quality whilst eliminating any concerns over product contamination. The unit also reduces the cost of ownership with high energy-savings.      

The company"s Hydrovane brand had its own dedicated stand. Benefitting from proven rotary vane compression technology, products in this range provide a totally dependable and dry compressed air supply with minimal energy costs,

Products on the Hydrovane stand included the small HV04RM designed for a wide variety of applications including automotive, car body repair shops, packaging and machine tool operation.

The variable-speed Hypac model was also featured, along with the SmartACE intelligent data logger.

Experts were on hand at the show to advise on the various equipment options available, including CompAir’s ASSURE extended warranty scheme.

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