Plant & Works Engineering
Capabilities transformed
Published:  12 July, 2010

Hovair air film technology by Movetech UK, combined with new flooring from Sika UK, has provided London & Cambridge Properties (LCP) with a practical and cost-effective solution to LCP's need to double capacity at their specialist warehousing facility at Burntwood Business Park, Burntwood, Staffordshire.

The warehouse specialises in the storage of items up to 100 tonnes in weight and is the only storage facility of its kind within a 100 mile radius. Richard Allen, building surveyor for LCP, explains: "With only a third of the warehouse having the capacity for larger items, and another third being used for smaller storage, served by a smaller crane and forklift trucks, we were left with the final third to convert to storage for 85 tonne electric transformers. The problem was: how?

“A potential solution, was to construct a rail system that would criss-cross the warehouse floor which was not very practical and wasted valuable space.

“The air film solution offered by Movetech UK has proved to be the most practical and cost-effective solution by far, particularly as we have been able to keep the whole of the rest of the warehouse operational during installation.”

Close collaboration with Movetech UK engineers using its in-house Hovair technology, has resulted in the design and manufacture of an air film transporter with a total design capacity of 100t.

Steering and propulsion of the transporter are provided by an air powered tugger which also houses the controls for the transporter.

LCP have had a series of stillages made to accommodate the transformers. Once the transformer is in position, the 100 tonne lifter beams pick the stillage and transformer off the floor and position them on the transporter before moving them to the allocated storage area.

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