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Next generation hearing protection
Published:  12 July, 2010

In Britain some 170,000 people suffer deafness, tinnitus or other ear conditions as a result of exposure to harmful levels of noise at work.  As most traditional hearing protection devices are designed to block out all sound, useful signals such as voices may not be heard which encourages users to remove the protection and expose themselves to potentially damaging noise levels. Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) caused at work is preventable but hearing damage is permanent.

Safety company, Arco, has launched a new hearing protection system incorporating the SENS (Speech Enhancing Noise Suppression) technology from Sensear. The Sensear Smart Muff Range is sold exclusively through Arco in the UK and is a total high noise communication solution that simultaneously isolates and enhances speech while suppressing harmful background noise. The result is a high quality natural speech played directly into the Sensear earmuffs or optionally connected via Bluetooth to mobile phone and two-way radio.

By suppressing rather than eliminating all background noise, the Sensear technology enables the user to remain aware of his or her working environment and continue to communicate effectively while remaining protected. Bad working practice, such as removing ear protection for just 5 minutes every hour, can result in hearing damage.  Sensear's Smart Muff can prevent new cases of NIHL by enabling face-to-face, mobile phone and two-way radio communication in high noise environments without having to be removed. This ensures that the wearer remains protected and productive.

Steven Binnie, Arco"s product and procurement manager said: "Everybody has the right to be protected at work and, as an expert in safety, Arco is focussed on innovation and delivering the best products and the latest technologies that will enable its customers to stay safe at work.  We believe that the Sensear technology offers the very best in hearing protection and we are delighted that we now have this ground-breaking product as part of our range of world class safety products.”

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