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Industry first for non-mains energy company
Published:  12 July, 2010

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is well known as being the cleanest off grid fossil fuel, but what about the companies behind the LPG brands?  Flogas has taken the lead in the industry by becoming the first non-mains energy company, and one of only around 250 businesses in the UK, to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard as a result of work carried out to improving its carbon efficiency by 18.8%.

Flogas joins an elite list of companies that have been verified as having genuinely reduced their carbon emissions and demonstrated a continual commitment to making further reductions year on year.  The carbon reduction initiatives undertaken by Flogas were wide ranging and touched almost every part of the business.  Today those changes are still in place and have become part of the culture amongst the 750 employees working for Flogas.

Distribution is a major part of the Flogas business and it was here that many of the most significant changes were achieved.  Delivery vehicles now operate more efficiently thanks to a new scheduling system that routes them in the most economical way and drivers have been trained in driving techniques that improve this efficiency further.  The company is also trialling an LPG/Diesel mix fuel across its commercial fleet, which has shown to reduce the carbon footprint by 7%.

Other positive, responsible actions taken by Flogas to reduce its environmental impact include giving customers the option of e-billing, and increasing recycling and reducing electricity consumption at the company's 42 UK offices and depots.

Henry Cubbon, managing director of Flogas, said: "When we embarked on our journey with the Carbon Trust Standard we found that we were doing much of what was already required - we simply needed to measure the effects of our actions and consider the additional areas where we could make meaningful changes.  It really was a team effort and I believe that this is what helped our positive actions to become part of the Flogas culture.  Although undoubtedly a major achievement, we see achieving the Carbon Trust Standard as part of a continuous programme of improvement for our business and our customers.”

Flogas is currently working with a number of companies who are actively switching to LPG as part of their own drive to reduce carbon footprint and achieve the Carbon Trust Standard.

Harry Morrison, general manager of the Carbon Trust Standard, commented: “Being certified with the Carbon Trust Standard is proof that an organisation has taken genuine action to reduce its impact on climate change.  We congratulate Flogas UK on this achievement.”

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