Plant & Works Engineering
Permanent repair for leaking metal roofs
Published:  12 July, 2010

Although Kemperol is known for its flat roof waterproofing capabilities, the benefits of using it for pitched metal roof repairs are perhaps less well known. This application is claimed to be not only quick and cost-effective, but gives a reliable solution suited to patch repairs or whole roof encapsulation, so avoiding the expense and inconvenience of re-roofing.

Metal roofs typically fail at the fixings - areas subject to considerable thermal and mechanical movement which can enlarge fixing holes and damage seals, causing leaks. Added to this the original seals will only have an expected life of around 20 years. For these repairs Kemperol 1K-PUR can be used to patch the failed areas, encapsulating the fixings and bonding directly to the metal roof.

Corrosion is the other main reason for failures on metal roofs, particularly at end laps and cut edges. For whole roof encapsulations Kemperol V210M is ideal as it is easily applied and has an appealing, uniform colour and consistent appearance. It bonds firmly to the existing material and being permanently elastic will bridge adjoining sheets to withstand movement and give excellent long term protection.

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