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Mezzanine floor re-sited
Published:  12 July, 2010

Flexibility has always been a major attraction of Revlok mezzanine floors whose adaptable modular design reflects the experience of Lancashire-based parent company Doity Engineering Ltd. 

Revlok mezzanine floors' ability to be dismantled and re-erected in a similar setting elsewhere has benefited Manchester-based Trafford Brake and Hose when they moved premises from one part of the Trafford Park industrial estate to another.

As one of Greater Manchester"s leading suppliers of quality parts for trucks and trailers, Trafford Brake and Hose need flexible storage space for their constantly changing inventory. Having installed a Revlok mezzanine floor in 2005 - and enjoyed the space-saving benefits this provided - it was important that the same level of convenience could be replicated when the company decided to move to bigger premises.  

Trafford Brake director, Andy Donaldson, was adamant that the same level of storage facilities was available at the company’s new warehouse building: "The mezzanine floor at our previous warehouse had proved so cost-effective”, said Donaldson. He added: “We started to wonder whether we could simply move the floor from one building to another. When we contacted Doity about this, we were relieved and pleasantly surprised when they said it could be done.”

Doity’s Richard Kershaw explained how the project was approached:

“The original platform measured 17.8M by 8.2M and had a 2.66M clearance at ground-floor level”, said Kershaw. “Because of its modular nature, it was relatively straightforward for our installation team to dismantle the steel structure and modify it for Trafford Brake’s slightly smaller new warehouse.”

At 13.6M by 9.6M, the re-sited mezzanine features highly durable decking made from high-density particle board and first-floor access via a specially manufactured steel staircase with horizontal safety hand rails which comply with all current safety regulations.

The complete process from dismantling the previous mezzanine floor, re-sizing and re-installing the new floor to meet the exact needs of Trafford Brake took only three weeks. This ensured a smooth transition with minimal downtime and uninterrupted business activity.

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