Plant & Works Engineering
Torqueleader's new applying tool
Published:  21 June, 2010

Torqueleader have designed, manufactured and assembled the ATB Breaking Wrenches which utilises a 20° breaking action. This breaking action very clearly signals to the operator when the desired torque has been reached therefore vastly reducing the possibility of over torque.

The robust construction ensures the tool is tough enough for use in all environments. The adjustment range is suitable for a variety of applications from Maintenance, Repair to Manufacturing across multiple industries. The ATB has an accuracy of +/- 4% of setting and exceeds the ISO 6789:2003 requirements

The ATB 25 models are available either with ISO or Imperial calibrated ranges. They can also be supplied with a drive of either a 16 mm Spigot or 9 x 12 Carrier rectangular fitting. We also sell suitable accessories.

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