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Free guide to EN50191
Published:  10 March, 2010

Free guide to EN50191

Details of all the practical issues associated with the EN50191 standard for the installation and operation of electrical test equipment are covered in a newly reprinted booklet from electrical safety testing specialist Clare Instruments.

The free, full colour 'Guide to EN50191' will be of interest to all those with responsibility for ensuring the safe operation of electrical test equipment in manufacturing, compliance, repair and design organisations.

EN50191 will have an impact on those companies manufacturing electrical or electronic equipment and particularly on those individuals and organisations that have a duty under the Health & Safety at Work Act to maintain safety in the workplace.

In addition, because the standard applies to all facilities where electrical testing is undertaken, it is also applicable to test houses, repair workshops and design laboratories.

The practical guide provides the information and data necessary to ensure the safety of test personnel involved in electrical test activities and to assist those responsible manage the various types of test locations to prevent danger. A full guide to the safety requirements of different electrical test stations and locations is included, together with details of the safety measures required to ensure protection against electric shock.

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