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Air cooled liquid chiller range with 'no frost' evaporator
Published:  10 March, 2010

Air cooled liquid chiller range with 'no frost' evaporator

A full range of chillers for water and other process liquids can now be supplied by Hi-line Industries Ltd. Designated as their Hi-Cool range with 27 models available, liquid cooling capacities from 3.2 to 426kW and nominal water flows from 550 to 73,270 litres/hour can be accommodated with liquid inlet/outlet temperatures of 20/15°C and an ambient of 25°C. For inlet/outlet temperatures of 12/7°C and ambient of 32°C, the cooling capacities and nominal flow rates would be reduced by 70-75% overall. High COP is achieved across the range, with chillers providing almost three times more cooling power than their electrical consumption.

These air cooled products have been designed to meet the needs of wide ranging industrial processing and production plants, where constant and reliable supplies of chilled fluids are required. Water inlet temperatures between +20°C and 0°C can be accommodated, and cold water is produced through a refrigerant cycle (R407C refrigerant). A ‘no-frost" evaporator maintains optimum performance even after freeze-up, and eliminates pollution of the refrigerant circuit by water. Typical applications for these products include plastics injection and blow moulding machines, together with both extrusion and thermoforming lines. Production grinding machines and machining centres, together with air handling and air conditioning units are typical industrial applications. Other industries that could use this technology include chemical, pharmaceutical and food plants together with rotogravure-flexo printing plants.                                                                                                    

A high degree of corrosion resistance is provided for the metal components used for construction. This includes anodised aluminium frame structures, together with galvanised sheet metalwork which is also selectively finished with a highly durable stove-enamelled polyurethane powder coating, or with an external PVC film covering. Individual product footprints range from 550 x 740mm to 2 x 4.7 metres, with unit heights from 885mm to 2.230 metres.

All the Hi-Cool products are supplied with factory test and inspection documentation, instruction manuals, together with an EC compliance declaration. Manufacturing variations that can be accommodated include - tropicalisation for use where environmental temperatures exceed 40°C, heat pump operation, and non-standard voltage/frequency power supplies where required.

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