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Expanded dirty service
Published:  10 March, 2010

Expanded dirty service

Emerson Process Management has expanded the line of Fisher dirty service control valve solutions to include the NotchFlo DST valve and Fisher DST control valve trim. With the expanded line, Emerson is able to provide specific solutions that both increase process availability and reduce maintenance costs for a broad range of severe service applications. The line-up offers excellent cavitation control for applications known to contain entrained particulate that would damage standard trim components and can be used in the hydrocarbon, power, chemical, pulp and paper, and metals and mining industries.

The Fisher NotchFlo DST valve is a multi-stage (3, 4, or 6 stage) anti-cavitation valve available in NPS 1 to 8, in Class 300 -1500 globe and Class 600 - 2500 angle (DN 25 -200, PN50 to PN260 Globe and PN110 to PN420 angle) that can be used in severe service applications.

The Fisher DST control valve trim is a multi-stage (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 stage) anti-cavitation trim available in NPS 1 to 16, in Class 300 - 2500 (DN 25 - 400, PN50 to PN420).

Both the NotchFlo and DST are frequently used in high pressure drop applications up to 290 bar (4200 psi) in the chemical, refining, oil and gas production, and power industries.

In addition to the expanded line-up of Fisher dirty service control valves, the Fisher Cavitrol III Trim with improved sealing technologies is available. It is a multi-stage (2 or 3 stage) trim available in NPS 1 to 8x6, in Class 900 - 2500 (DN 25 - 200x150, PN150 to PN420) that can be used in severe service applications where plug tip erosion and seal wear are issues. The Fisher  Cavitrol III Trim is frequently used in pump recirculation and start-up systems in the power, process, oil production, chemical refining, and other industries.

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