Plant & Works Engineering
Commitment to solving the industrial skills gap with Apprentice Day
Published:  12 September, 2022

SolutionsPT, AVEVA Select Partners UK & Ireland, says it is continuing to close the skills gap with its annual Apprentice Day held on 17th August 2022.

The day is designed to mirror the support and ‘people first’ approach of the whole industrial ecosystem. The SolutionsPT network of system integrators invests heavily in training to be able use AVEVA solutions for their customers, SolutionsPT recognises this investment with a dedicated Apprentice Day featuring informative presentations, training sessions and hands-on time with four main products.

Kyle Lion, system architect, SolutionsPT said:

“As a people-first organisation, we understand that the most important aspect of digital transformation is how it improves the lives of the human operator. Likewise, we understand that bringing in apprentices to be the next generation of industrial workers is the only way to close the skills gap and ensure a steady stream of new talent into the workforce. These two goals are intrinsically linked, the next generation brings with them a deep understanding of technology and the ageing workforce carry valuable on-the-job knowledge that must be captured before it is lost. The SolutionsPT Apprentice Day works towards this by supporting, not just our own, but the apprentices of our systems integrators, with hands-on experience with world-class industrial software. It is very likely that the people we teach during Apprentice Day will be the decision-makers of the future, so connecting them early on in their careers with digital transformation experts, who will support them throughout their careers, delivers a lot of value.”

This latest Apprentice Day welcomed 20 attendees who each got hands-on experience with AVEVA InTouch, Edge, Plant Scada, and Systems Platforms, they witnessed how customers are already deploying each product and how it is impacting their enterprises. This culminates in a riveting discussion where apprentices tackled some long-standing industry issues while bringing new perspectives and solutions from their digital backgrounds.