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How to map work orders effortlessly via video
Published:  23 August, 2021

Understandable work instructions are one of the most important adjusting screws in warehouse logistics. Only if employees know which tasks they have to perform and how, the error rate remains low and the often high workload is mastered. In reality, a lack of previous knowledge, incomplete explanations and language barriers often make everyday work more difficult. The software solution developer supports companies in creating catchy and visually supported work instructions.

Communicating work assignments to all warehouse logistics employees at a consistently high level is difficult and time-consuming. Using the employee training software, visual work instructions can be effortlessly integrated into warehouse logistics.  The program automatically translates the text into audio as well as subtitles in over 20 languages.  This means that every employee is picked up in his or her native language and gains an in-depth understanding of his or her tasks and work steps in the company. With customisable, immediately usable video content, logistics companies implement not only basic training on topics such as hygiene or escape routes, but also individual work steps effortlessly in the software in just a few weeks. All this is done in multiple languages and is automatically reviewed.

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