Plant & Works Engineering
Supply chain rental campaign
Published:  14 July, 2021

RENOVOTEC, a fast growing UK rugged hardware, software and services provider for supply chain companies has announced it is launching a rental campaign for the latest Epson Colorworks C6000 and C6500 Series custom label printers, targeting manufacturing and logistics users. Epson Colorworks are highly flexible, custom printers, capable of printing one-stage colour labels on demand, in user-defined quantities and designs - slashing print time and label inventory costs says Renovotec. 

The Colorworks C6000 printer delivers up to 4-inch print widths and the C6500 up to 8 inches. Both printers can improve inventory management and product identification to keep supply chains connected and running smoothly. They can improve traceability with colour coding, by ensuring that the right products are directed to the right place; reduce supply chain errors, using colour to make labels easier to track.

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