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BCAS offers new working safely during Covid-19 training course
Published:  16 September, 2020

The British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) is offering a new training course for businesses and employees concerned about safe working practices during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Delivered via the society’s new online learning portal, the ‘Working safely during Covid-19’ course costs just £4.99 per delegate and details the Government guidance for maintaining a secure workplace, issued 18th May 2020.

It covers the key workplace types identified, including outdoor work, factories and warehouses, offices, branches and vehicles and is designed to fulfil the employer’s requirement to provide information and training to its employees.

The comprehensive course identifies the ways in which Covid-19 is spread from contaminated surfaces or respiratory droplets, and provides some practical workplace hygiene rules to help minimise risk.

It also offers useful guidance for maintaining safe social distancing when at a workstation, in meetings, when moving around the office or factory floor and when travelling in vehicles.

Health and scientific professionals have warned that the pandemic is unlikely to be a short-term crisis and that Covid-19 could circulate in the human population for the long-term, possibly causing periodic epidemics. The guidance covered in the training course will explain the need to remain vigilant and implement both appropriate social distancing and good hygiene regimes, to help maintain a safe and secure workplace for all employees.

Many employers will want to ensure that they fulfil their obligations to provide training to their staff about maintaining a Covid-19 secure workplace and this new BCAS course ensures that the advice provided is practical and easy to follow to help facilitate a safe return to work.

Numerous businesses have already participated in the course, with BCAS claiming that over 60% of participants rating the quality of the content as excellent and over 70% of delegates agreeing that the course structure was excellent and therefore, easy to follow. All delegates receive a certificate in ‘Maintaining a Covid-19 secure workplace’ upon completion.

Businesses and employees interested in taking the course can register online at: or contact BCAS directly at