Plant & Works Engineering
Portable cleaning unit
Published:  13 May, 2020

KAMCO says as British companies begin to think about ‘life after lockdown’, and to consider re-opening offices and warehouses, experts are reminding them that there is yet another flu-like disease that they have to consider, and that is Legionnaire’s Disease.

During the lockdown, domestic water services feeding storage tanks, calorifiers and pipework will have been unused, giving the possibility of a proliferation of Legionnaires’ bacteria in the water system.

The Scalebreaker C210 chemical resistant pump from Kamco is purpose built for circulating biocides and chlorine solutions throughout heating and hot water services. The portable unit is temporarily connected into the water system during the operation. Chemicals are enclosed at all times within the tank, hoses or equipment being cleaned, minimising fumes and splashes and risks to operators.

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