Plant & Works Engineering
Chopper pumps solve pumping problems
Published:  11 July, 2019

During 25 years of providing solids pumping and mixing solutions to numerous sites in the UK and Ireland, P&M PUMPS says it has met the demands of some of the most varied, large scale and interesting applications and a good example of this is the recent supply of 2 self-priming Vaughan Chopper pumps to replace 2 dry-dock sump scavenge pumps in Aberdeen Harbour.

The existing scavenge pumps, originally installed to provide a duty of 600gpm at 35ft head, including a 7” suction lift, were failing due to problems of blockages.

The solution was to replace the existing dual macerator and sump scavenge pumps with progressing cavity pumps, specifically Vaughan Chopper Pumps with motors rated at 18.5kW at 1470 rpm, 415V/3ph/50Hz.

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