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Expert challenges businesses to increase competitiveness via robots
Published:  23 February, 2017

Technology-shy businesses are being offered the chance to discover the benefits of robots by leading robotics expert Jeremy Hadall. Hadall, chief technologist for robotics and automation at The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, will host a two-day course next month – Improving Competitiveness Through Automation – targeting key ‘decision makers’ to understand the benefits of automation and robotics.

In Robotics: manufacturing the future, an article he co-authored for the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Hadall states: “Britain still lags behind its major economic rivals in the uptake of robots.

Statistics from the International Federation of Robotics on robot densities reveal the UK has only 33 robots per 10,000 employees compared to Japan (213), Germany (170) and Sweden (154). 

“So how do we encourage UK industry to invest in robotics and automation to reap these benefits? Perhaps the first step is as simple as demonstrating that these benefits are truly benefits.”

 Hadall, is looking to demonstrate the tangible benefits via the course on March 8th and 9th. Limited to just 20 attendees, it will provide the necessary tools, techniques and processes to evaluate the opportunity, develop the business case and deploy the implementation plan to integrate automation into business. 

This two-day course is being supported by ROBOTT-NET, a collaboration between the following leading European research organisations: Danish Technological Institute, Germany’s Fraunhofer IPA and Spain’s Tecnalia.

The price for the course is £600 plus VAT. For more information go to the events section of