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Next step in supporting manufacturers as they approach 4IR
Published:  19 January, 2017

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, presented a free webinar, ‘Be Business Ready – the 4IR journey’, as its next step in helping UK manufacturers to gear up for 4IR.

The webinar took place on 26th January and brought two of EEF’s leading 4IR experts together - Martin Strutt,consultancy director, and Chris Richards, senior business environment policy adviser - to help manufacturers understand what 4IR really is, what it means and what they need to do about it.

The move followed a recent EEF report showing that the majority of UK manufacturers are at the first stage of a three part 4IR journey that will take them from conception, through to evolution and, finally, revolution. By connecting theory and practice on the webinar, EEF’s experts aim to help more firms move towards the second stage of this vital journey.

Martin Strutt, consultancy director at EEF, says: “4IR will lead to crucial transformation both at a business and industry level. Heralding smarter production, relationships and products, harnessing 4IR will boost the number of high-skilled jobs in the UK. At the same time, seven in ten (68%) manufacturers say that it will happen faster than previous changes in manufacturing, which is why we are investing so much time and effort into ensuring our sector is up-to-speed.

“Our research and focus groups tell us is that UK manufacturing is strong on the theory, but needs support in putting 4IR into practice. Bridging this gap is crucial as firms will then be better able to identify and use new technologies to boost productivity, build smarter connections with their customers and grow.”

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