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Solution for escaping odours
Published:  14 December, 2016

Hart_Door_Systems.jpgFaced with the escape of odours over neighbouring housing, an Essex-based company has opted for a solution provided by HART DOOR SYSTEMS.

Sales manager, Julian Britnell, explains that the established client was experiencing issues with vapour and smoke escaping from an open- ended building while lorries were being loaded with tarmac: “We installed three Speedor Supers, the original tensioned blade high speed door developed for frequent usage openings. The doors in this instance are activated by overhead movement sensors which open the doors as lorries approach giving them access inside, once the lorries have fully entered the building the doors then close allowing the lorries to be loaded behind closed doors so preventing the escape of vapour and smoke. All doors have safety photocells and safety bottom edge features.”

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Click here for the full unedited version of the release as provided by the company