Plant & Works Engineering
Safety, efficiency and flexibility
Published:  21 September, 2016

Crown_Lift_Trucks.jpgCROWN showcased Advanced Material Handling Technologies on Stand 10J61 at IMHX 2016.

Quick Pick Remote Order Picking Technology - available on all Crown’s order pickers, MPC multi-purpose lift trucks and TC tow tractors, remotely advances the truck to the next picking position via the wrist-mounted “magic glove”. The company says functionality is enhanced with the ability to remotely control lift/lower functions on nearly all Crown stackers.

RFID-based Auto Fence and Auto Positioning Systems for TSP Series turret trucks - launched in the UK at IMHX, Auto Fence controls truck operation near a hazard or where caution is required and Auto Positioning automates travel and lift functions for the most efficient path to the truck’s destinations.

Li-Ion-ready range extended – in addition to Crown’s 24-Volt trucks, Lithium-Ion ready variants are now available on 48-Volt machines, including SC 6000 counterbalance and ESR 5200 reach trucks.

Crown’s new WAV 60 Work Assist® Vehicle debuted at IMHX 2016. Bringing safety, efficiency and flexibility where ladders are typically used up to five metres. AC power, up to 8 km/h and Access 1 2 3 system guarantee optimum performance.


Click here for the full unedited version of the release as provided by the company (issued prior to IMHX 2016)