Plant & Works Engineering
Kegging line - Case Study
Published:  18 May, 2016

A large supplier of bottled and draught beers was experiencing numerous lighting problems on their keg cleaning and sterilisation lines. Since its initial installation conventional fluorescent tubes were used for overhead lighting and at strategic points along the line to facilitate manual inspection and control.

Moisture is ever present and the fluorescent lights were continually exposed to steam and mist, high-temperature water and harsh cleaning agents. Not surprisingly, in this environment fluorescent fixtures had a very short lifespan and required frequent replacement. Although the cost of a single tube is relatively small, frequent replacement drove the cost up. Furthermore, the disruption to production whilst replacements were fitted cut significantly into the operating time.

The advent of LED lighting paved the way for more efficient, cost effective lighting and the introduction of the WLS27 strip lights provided the perfect solution for this hot, steamy environment.

Lighting above the kegging line was installed using a series of 1130 mm fixtures, cascaded for minimal wiring and providing cool white light down onto the line. Shorter fixtures of 285 mm and 430 mm were employed at strategic points on the cleaning unit to facilitate inspection. Further energy savings are realised in this installation by utilising WLS27’s dimming capabilities whenever the line is in stand-by mode.

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