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ICOM addresses non-domestic water treatment
Published:  05 April, 2016

The formation of a Water Treatment Working Group to address the lack of standards and codes of practice relating to water treatment for non-domestic heating systems has been announced by The ICOM Energy Association.

ICOM director Ross Anderson, observed: “Effective water treatment plays a vital role in maintaining performance, efficiency and longevity of wet heating systems – yet there is currently no standard for water treatment in commercial heating systems.

“The purpose of the new Working Group is to evaluate the current situation and identify what can be done to help building operators and their service providers ensure such systems are maintained in line with best practice.”

The Water Treatment Working Group held its inaugural meeting in November 2015 and has begun work on a commercial heating document as well as revising an existing ICOM document related to industrial steam plant.

Anderson added: “The first step will be the development of a best practice guides but, looking further ahead, we hope to create the basis for a British Standard.”

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