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Keeping costs under control
Published:  06 November, 2015

AmbiRad_SmartCom_3.jpgTo meet today’s stringent requirements, heating control systems should be capable of increasing internal comfort conditions while effecting real fuel cost savings. Ideally, they should also be very straightforward and secure to use, with a wide range of energy-optimising features.

One way of achieving this is by installing an energy efficient management control system. Simon Garratt, marketing manager at AMBIRAD explains the benefits of having such a system in place saying few computerised systems offer the same breadth of functionality and benefits as SmartCom which is an intelligent energy management controller which is able to satisfy the growing need for higher efficiencies and to complement the development of efficient heating systems.

Said to be compatible with radiant tube, warm air and many other types of heating system, SmartCom incorporates self-adapting optimised start-up to ensure increased comfort and cost savings.

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