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Indestructible welding tables
Published:  07 November, 2014

Surtech_-_Extremely_Tough_Welding_Tables.jpgThe philosophy of Augsburg based Bernd Siegmund GmbH is said to be to manufacture elaborate, flexible, indestructible and exclusively designed clamping and welding tables. These robust and hard wearing tables are now available in the UK from Birmingham based SURFACE TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS (SURTECH).

The company says thanks to an elaborate modular design and a huge functional diversity, it is possible to realise complex applications and combinations in no time and to choose between two base table versions with different dimensions, table legs and material composition.

The new 'Professional Extreme' welding table is described as a 'good-looking and indestructible bench that will last over half a century'. The welding table’s lifetime is geared to be used for more than 50 years, when treated correctly.

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