Plant & Works Engineering
Cooling for quiet environments
Published:  30 July, 2014

rittal.jpgRITTAL says its ‘Blue e’ cooling units are usually found controlling the temperature within enclosures in workshops or on shop floors in the industrial sector where noise level is largely irrelevant as they cannot be heard above other equipment in these noisy environments.

In situations such as laboratories, offices or other more peaceful areas where cooling is required, Rittal says its TopTherm ‘Blue e’ roof-mounted cooling unit range can successfully provide cooling where excessive noise would be an irritant to personnel working close to an enclosure.

With nominal outputs of 1.1 kW, Rittal says its roof-mounted cooling units for office applications offer viable solutions when it may have been assumed they would simply be too noisy. The units are said to benefit from the intelligent and targeted use of energy and electronically commutated fan technology.

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