Plant & Works Engineering
Prolonging electrical equipment life
Published:  29 July, 2014

quartzteq.jpgQUARTZELEC says all high voltage electrical machinery will exhibit partial discharge, even from new, however, around two-thirds of all unplanned outages, subsequent production loss and significant equipment damage can be attributed to related stator winding insulation failure. Lifeview is reported to be the latest, totally flexible, 'state-of-the-art' real-time solution from Quartzelec subsidiary Quartzteq, that monitors the health of electrical assets and partial discharge on a host of rotating machines.

Lifeview is said to be a key component in reducing the total cost ownership; it meets all major international standards and both ‘Live’ and ‘Mobile/Periodic’ versions are available. Sensors and partial discharge couplers are installed on key parts of the electrical machines to provide detailed data acquisition; with changes in condition being measured and analysed against baseline parameters.

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