Plant & Works Engineering
Bespoke machinery improving efficiency
Published:  11 July, 2014

granta_177168335.jpgGRANTA reports many of its customers have been surprised to find that bespoke automated machinery is often cheaper than factory produced machinery that is already available on the market. The company says factory produced machinery often only performs some, not all of the tasks needed, resulting in multiple machines having to be purchased; also standard machinery often has costly unnecessary features.

Granta says the ultimate results of installing bespoke machinery are cheaper machinery, faster install times and reduced running costs. This in turn can result in increased efficiencies and productivity in a business which reflects on a bottom line as greater profits.

Granta says it has many years of experience in providing bespoke machinery for many different environments and industries. Projects to date have included everything from small medicine pot filling machines through to complete production line automation and monitoring systems.

Granta offers a free project appraisal, starting with a site visit to get detailed requirements of what the customer requires the bespoke machinery to do. The project appraisal gives basic design information and potential savings it will make and enables the investment in bespoke machinery to be analysed. Granta says it will work alongside customers through all the stages of design, through to integration and subsequent modifications of the machinery. This enables the customer to have complete control throughout the whole design and build process, resulting in bespoke machinery that does exactly what is required.

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