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Breather prevents gearbox damage
Published:  20 June, 2014

Sentinel_Breathers.jpgBROWNELL has added the Brownell Sentinel Reservoir Breather to the company’s range of vent dryer products, designed to protect reservoirs, fluid storage, hydraulic accumulators, gearboxes and transmission drives from the deteriorating effects of high humidity and water vapour condensation.

Efficiency of these systems often relies on the consistency and maintenance of the fluid property including viscosity and stability, while the smooth operation of servo systems and hydraulic cylinders is aided by stable fluid properties.

The sentinel is said to achieve this by using two adsorbents, silica gel and activated carbon.  Water vapour is adsorbed by the silica gel, which changes colour when saturated, while the addition of activated carbon prevents exhaust vapours, system reaction by products and outgassing being released into the working environment.

A robust plastic construction enables use in harsh working environments.

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