Plant & Works Engineering
Emergency oxidation application
Published:  18 June, 2014

water_1388483257.jpgMAPAL GREEN ENERGY, a pioneer of the floating fine bubble aeration system (FFBA) has announced an important new rapid response application for its technology. The Emergency Deployment Oxidation System (EDOS) is designed for quick deployment into contaminated rivers, lakes and canals to remedy critical water oxidation levels. Maintaining water oxygenation after contamination events is usually critical, if wildlife in the water and the surrounding environment is to be protected. The system is also said to be suitable for deployment into waste water treatment plants where a serious equipment failure has occurred.

The Mapal EDOS system can deliver the required oxygen for biological processes to restart in a matter of hours from the time it arrives on site. The system offers specially designed units that are able to float in various water depths and supply aeration into the water at predetermined flow rates.


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