Plant & Works Engineering
New ATEX certification
Published:  26 February, 2014

netherlocks.jpgNETHERLOCKS has received new EX certification for the Netherlocks FAITH Partial Stroke Testing (PST) system, recognising the addition of a dedicated grounding means for the system.

The FAITH PST device uses mechanical pins to limit the degree of valve closure, allowing for easy, safe testing of system-critical components such as Emergency Shut Down and High Integrity Pressure Protection System valves without affecting normal online process or operation. There is no risk of test angle overshoot or process interruption, the test can be performed at ‘real’ speed and will always return results.

For most cases, the FAITH is suitable for SIL3 applications, with an FMEDA (Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis) assessment carried out by Exida showing 0 Fail Safe Detected, Fail Safe Undetected and Fail Dangerous Detected conditions recorded from the test.

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