Plant & Works Engineering

Gear unit refurbishment completed

Published:  30 November, 1999

As part of an ongoing modernisation process, Hansen Transmissions has just completed the latest gear unit refurbishment on a boom conveyor being part of one of two stacker re-claimer systems in a UK coal-fired power station.

Coal-fired generation offers security and flexibility of electricity supply and will for the foreseeable future remain a vital element of the UKs energy mix.

The latest gear unit to be refurbished, a SKZH84C 201-R1 (a right angle bevel gearbox with a 20:1 ratio, producing 9700Nm of torque), driven by a 55kW 4 pole a.c. motor complete with a hydraulic coupling and brake was returned to site within one week of receiving all the components in the package.

Hansen completed the contract by re-installing and commissioning the gearboxes on site.

Hansen Transmissions supply geared units into many sectors of the UK energy industry including coal, CCGT, wind power and other renewable sources.


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