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New line of vibration transducers

Published:  15 February, 2007

SPM Instrument AB, Sweden, has launched a new line of vibration transducers. The SOLID line is a range of transducers, 4-20 mA transmitters and composite connectors designed and built to withstand tough environments under the most demanding conditions.

The SOLID transducers and transmitters are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Stainless, acid proof steel housings, case isolation and hermetic sealing make them very robust. All SOLID transducers come with top connector for fast and easy installation.

The vibration transducers are individually tuned, piezo-electric accelerometers of compression type for vibration measurement on industrial machinery. Enhanced electronics, improved ambient characteristics and a frequency range from 2 Hz to 10 kHz deliver excellent performance in a wide area of applications.

Features of the SOLID 4-20 mA transmitters are unique micro controller design and calibration data stored in the transmitter. The measuring range is 0 – 25 mm/sec (0 – 1.0 in/sec) and the frequency range 2 – 1000 Hz. The output signal can be transmitted to common process control systems like PLC, DCS and SCADA.

The SOLID line is completed with a range of composite material cable connectors for TNC, 2-pin and SMB. Benefits such as corrosion resistance, vibration dampening and weight reduction make this design far superior to metal connectors.

To further secure the installation, twisted pair cables and acid proof stainless steel conduits are also available. The conduits are protective covers slipped onto the cable and fixed to the transducer at the connector. Stainless steel cable clips are available for holding the conduit in place.

The entire SOLID line is compatible with common transducer standards and are also available in Ex versions, compliant with the EU ATEX directive on equipment for use in potentially explosive atmosphere.

Mikael Lindfors, marketing manager at SPM explained: “The SOLID transducers are developed to match our line of instruments and monitoring systems. They complement our range of high performance equipment for harsh industrial environments at a competitive price.”

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