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Filter medium sets new benchmark

Published:  15 June, 2009

Filtration specialist Donaldson presented the current results of its intensive research and development work at the HANNOVER MESSE. The high-performance filter media Synteq XP results in a performance increase in compressed air filtration. Compared to previously available filter media, Synteq XP increases the efficiency significantly while simultaneously reducing the energy consumption due to a much lower differential pressure. Up to 40% additional energy savings can be achieved.

The new filter medium Synteq XP combines two innovations in one product: A fibre blend filtration media and a new manufacturing technology. Conventional filter media have been produced for decades by adding binder. With the new Synteq XP technology bi-component polyester fibres and micro-fine glass fibres are thermally melted together without using binder. The use of the coated polyester fibres creates a long-term stable structure, which sustainably supports the high filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacity of the glass fibres. Synteq XP thereby combines highest filtration performance by the depth of the fibre bed with an optimal flow rate and great stability.

The performance data of the Synteq XP compressed air filters, which are offered for various applications as fine, micro and sub-micro filters, are tested and validated according to the international filter standard ISO 12500-1. The compatibility of the media with all standard contaminants in compressed air (mineral and synthetic compressor oils, their residue and other lubricants, water and solids) was intensively tested in the Donaldson laboratories and in real applications.



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