Plant & Works Engineering

Washdown addition

Published:  27 October, 2007

Baldor has launched washdown versions of its adapter ball bearing range, the Dodge Grip Tight. Now offered in polymer and stainless steel housings, in addition to cast iron, the maintenance friendly features of these ball bearings can be applied to reduce equipment lifecycle costs in washdown-duty zones of food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing plants.

Baldor says the Dodge Grip Tight offers a lower cost of ownership than a conventional ball bearing system, because it features a patented 'easy-off' adapter system, and housing designs that will accept as many as seven different sizes of fully concentric, 360 shaft rings.

The concentric bearing adapter press-fits onto the shaft, and automatically loosens for maintenance or replacement by simply turning a nut-which pulls the bearing off and pushes the adapter in the opposite direction. This avoids any need for forcible removal or expansion heating-eliminating fretting corrosion and preventing shaft damage.

The technology featured in the Dodge bearing also reduces system vibration and allows for quieter operation. Dodge Grip Tight bearings are additionally specifically engineered to run at higher speeds and operate cooler, for longer grease life.  This reliability is aided by a Proguard Plus Seal with flingers, which protects by keeping lubricants in and contaminants out.

Significant inventory reduction will also be possible for many users because one bearing and housing design accepts a range of adapter sizes.  Instead of stocking many individual bearing systems, many customers will be able to reduce their inventory with a universal housing plus a range of bore size adapters.

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