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Getting a grip of the material handling sector

Published:  25 October, 2007

Siemens Automation & Drives has launched a new division which aims to provide best practice solutions to the materials handling sector.

The new Material Handling Division will provide the airport, aggregate, logistics and reclamation/recycling sectors with advice and support on materials handling issues.  The team will be led by Andrew Peters of Siemens Automation & Drives.    

The new division will help customers to address the changing needs and requirements of the material handling sector and provide support on key industry issues, such as legislative changes, up-time, efficiency, maintainability and service performance.  

In particular, the new Siemens division intends to focus on the materials handling sector's 'just in time" culture for material control and distribution which is pushing existing technological solutions to their limit.

Andrew Peters, business manager LV, at Siemens commented: "Over the past decade, industry has gone through immense change and customers have been left bewildered at the various offerings available within the market place.  At Siemens, we have recognised that our customers require a more specialist service offering, with expert materials handling knowledge and experience.  Our dedicated team will ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and solutions for their business.”

The Siemens solution for the materials handling sector involves implementing a complete control philosophy from mechanical gearbox through to control software and goods control systems.  Each element is integrated using the Siemens approach of Totally Integrated Automation which reduces installation time and costs.

Peters concluded: “Through our experiences across the key materials handling sectors, we can draw on a broad knowledge base and expertise for the benefit of our customers.”

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