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Fast and flexible alignment of critical machines
Published:  08 July, 2007

Fixturlaser XA, the 4th generation of laser based shaft alignment tools from Fixturlaser, includes features and functions for extra fast alignment - Express Alignment.

Fixturlaser XA can now be upgraded with a function for measurements of dynamic movements, such as thermal growth, process forces etc; the Fixturlaser OL2RXA (Offline-to-running). The Fixturlaser XA is claimed to be the only shaft alignment system on the market that includes this function. Other suppliers offer separate systems, using multiple software which do not facilitate the shaft alignment process. The Fixturlaser OL2R, which is protected by patent, is developed to suit the shaft alignment procedure without involving additional evaluation software.

The fixtures of the laser units are both equipped with a point laser, which means that you do not need to use the alignment system in order to mount the fixtures. You just adjust the fixtures until both the lasers are hitting the centre of the opposing target. Thanks to this feature the mounting can be performed fast and by someone who does not necessarily need to have the knowledge about shaft alignment and Fixturlaser XA. Because of this, the use of the Fixturlaser OL2RXA is cost effective.

The included software is based on the characteristic user interface from the Fixturlaser XA shaft alignment programs. The program includes 3D Flash animations to guide the user throughout the measurement, step-by-step.

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