Plant & Works Engineering

Web-enabled controllers

Published:  26 July, 2007

Inmoco has added the Model 5300 to its Blue Fusion line of web-enabled automation controllers from Control Technology Corporation. Integrating motion control, I/O, user interfaces, and enterprise connectivity, the web-enabled 5300 controllers can be configured for small local applications, or for large distributed systems with over 1000 I/O channels. In addition, the 5300 series can monitor and control almost any type of I/O - digital and analogue - or motor, and its web-enabled features assist remote information exchange and visualisation.

The Model 5300 supports CTC's patented web server technology, enabling users to securely monitor and control process variables over intranets or the Internet using a standard web browser. By using CTC's webHMI software, customers can create graphical HMI projects that can be hosted on the 5300"s web server, giving any browser based device interactive HMI functionality.

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