Plant & Works Engineering
Non-metallic flexible conduit system
Published:  26 October, 2007

Adaptaring, the non-metallic, flexible conduit system from Adaptaflex is ideal for the protection of electrical cables used on a wide variety of automation applications.

Where continuous movement, vibration, high speed and continuous cycling automated systems are concerned, Adaptaring has been specifically designed to deal with all the stresses relating to such applications. Its ability to work at high speed for long periods with total reliability is down to the material composition and the specific fittings. A freely rotating swivel, compression fitting used in conjunction with Type PI, PA, CP and PR flexible conduit provides an ideal solution. 

The Adaptaring system is available in a full range of nominal conduit sizes from 13mm through to 54mm in metric and PG thread options, with PF and NPT thread options also available. In conjunction with the correct conduit, the system affords excellent rotational characteristics, high speed capability, high pull-off strength, protection from abrasion and high fatigue life. This makes it suitable for applications such as robotics, inspection, measurement and test, automated paint and spraying plant, conveyor systems, as well as pick and place.

Fittings are available as standard in straight and a smooth curved 90 elbow, with fixed external threads. Additionally, swivel threads are available on request. T system is completed with a rotational inspection 'T' pieces, incorporating the compression fittings.

In applications where extensive vibration is experienced an anti-vibration washer can be fitted which eliminates any chance of the fitting loosening, ensuring system integrity.

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