Plant & Works Engineering
Pumps after market expansion
Published:  06 May, 2007

SPX Process Equipment has announced a substantial investment in its Bran + Luebbe After Market business unit at the company's Brixworth site.

Under the management of David Adam, the Bran + Luebbe After Market business unit is reinforcing the range of technical support and advisory services that it offers to all users of Bran + Luebbe pumps and process systems.  A key element of the expansion programme is the focus on the full range of field service functions designed to enable customers to obtain the best performance from the company"s pumps and processing systems.

SPX Process Equipment says that preventative maintenance starts during the design and installation stages, with engineers always on hand to take charge of essential testing procedures and provide full technical support including training where required.

"Life cycle costs have always been central to the Bran + Luebbe product offering”, says David Adam, “which is why we have always provided an extensive service support package. Whereas at one time, only the initial investment cost was the main factor to be considered in selecting equipment such as pumps, lifetime costs are now very much a part of the specification process. Having a dedicated After Market business unit, operated by trained field engineers and co-ordinated centrally from Brixworth will bring greater benefits for our customers because they will have 24-hour access to our engineering and technical advisory services.”

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