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Third generation of booster range

Published:  23 May, 2007

Grundfos has launched the third generation of its booster system range. The new Hydro MPC combines the Grundfos CR pumps with a new user interface and new software to make installation and operation easier.

The brain of the the Hydro MPC system is the Multi Pump Controller, a control unit developed especially for the Hydro MPC. Specifically developed for parallel-coupled pumps, the Multi Pump Controller continuity adapts the performance of the system to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency.

All settings and parameters are adjusted in advance, and the built-in computing power enables the system to react immediately to any changes in duty point or consumption patterns that might occur.

The compact system is easy to install in purely physical terms, and also guides users through the finer points of installation step by step. The intelligent installation wizard takes the user through a sequence of dialogue boxes, ensuring correct configuration and trouble-free operation.

The Hydro MPC can also be operated from a computer anywhere in the world via an Ethernet connection - using exactly the same user-interface as if the user were standing in front of the actual control panel.

The Hydro MPC series includes several models to make the advantages of the unit available to everyone, regardless of the complexity of their application.

The most advanced systems are equipped with a separate frequency converter for each pump, either integrated in the terminal box of the pump or mounted in the control panel. The range also includes systems with combinations of speed-controlled and fixed-speed pumps, or fixed-speed pumps only for less demanding application.

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