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Vibration levels - only a click away

Published:  11 May, 2007

Monitran has launched VI-sage ('visage'), a combined hardware and web-based solution that enables companies to monitor remotely vibration data as part of their asset management and predictive maintenance routines. VI-sage can also notify users, via SMS text messaging and email, if user-defined vibration levels are reached.

Using the technologies of UK-based t-mac, the VI-sage hardware is available with either eight or 26 input channels (for sensors) and either four or 16 outputs respectively. Users can log into their accounts (from any PC with Internet access) and check near real-time data, view historical data and control VI-sage"s outputs.

The VI-sage hardware units can either connect directly to accelerometers and other sensors or they can interface with one or more networks of sensors via Monitranís MultiSelect products. The units also integrate seamlessly with Monitranís shutdown protection systems.

Data is uploaded to into secure user accounts. Ovenden adds: "The VI-sage web server provides users with 24-7 access to their data, in the form of graphs and tables.Ē Data can also be exported as comma separated values (i.e. .csv files) for analysis in spreadsheet and database packages.

VI-sage (hardware) settings are made on the web site and then automatically downloaded to the units, where the new configuration takes immediate effect. In addition, the siteís user interface can be customised to present the most relevant data in the most relevant format, and it is easy to set up additional user accounts - configuring each with varying levels of access.

Monitranís VI-sage, powered by t-mac, is available immediately. Also, to celebrate the launch of this revolutionary system, Monitran is making special introductory offers available including a free site survey for every potential installation, subject to status.

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