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Heavy-duty Mig welding machines
Published:  30 September, 2007

Step-switched power sources for heavy-duty welding is available from ESAB.

The Origo Mig 410 delivers 400A/34V at a 50% duty cycle and the Origo Mig 510 delivers 500A/39V at a 60 % duty cycle. Both may be used with interconnection cables up to 35m long.
Different mounting options enable the Origo Feed 304 or Origo Feed 484 wire feeders to be mounted on the power sources or separately, depending on the application requirements.
ESAB says a combination of proven technologies, a rugged galvanised casing and special software deliver high reliability, even in tough industrial environments. To make the machines easy to move, the manufacturer has equipped them with large wheels, sturdy lifting eyes and an undercarriage that is designed for lifting with a fork lift truck.
The Origo 410/510 Mig machines can be used with a choice of three-phase electricity supplies, and the setting range is from 50A/16.5V to 400A/34V for the 410 model and from 50A/16.5V to 500A/39V for the 510 model. Consequently the power sources deliver high welding characteristics with a variety of filler materials and shielding gases. All types of cored wires can be used with the Origo Mig 410/510.
For applications where water cooling is required, the ESAB LogicPump automatically starts the integral water pump when a water cooled gun is connected to the wire feeder. This eliminates the risk of the gun overheating, thereby avoiding the need for costly repairs.
An optional digital meter provides an easy-to-read and accurate display of the welding parameters, which remains on the screen even after welding has finished. If required, the machines can be used in conjunction with ESAB's MiggyTrac and Railtrac kits for simple mechanisation.

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The Origo 410/510 Mig machines can be used with a choice of three-phase electricity supplies