Plant & Works Engineering
Industrial automation solution
Published:  24 February, 2014

RED LION CONTROLS a global expert in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, has announced a new EtherTRAK-2 I/O module (E2-MIX20884-D) and enhanced firmware for its Sixnet series RTUs. Red Lion’s new Sixnet EtherTRAK-2I/O module is said to be ideal for both distributed and local I/O applications that require a high density of mixed I/O types.

The E2-MIX20884-Dmodule offers dual Ethernet ports that allow it to be used in fault-tolerant ring topologies, and provides the following inputs and outputs:

Discrete: up to 20 inputs, including four isolated high-speed counters, and eight outputs

Analog: eight 4-20mA inputsandfour 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V outputs.

This high-density of mixed I/O allows customers to reduce costs versus traditional single-function I/O.