Plant & Works Engineering
Harness the power of your data
Published:  23 September, 2022

Is the volume of your maintenance data growing rapidly?

Do you have an ever-increase challenge of how to achieve effective data utilisation?

Is this exacerbated across disparate systems?

Organisations often have multiple systems that all meet and satisfy specific requirements but do not communicate directly with each other. This leads to information being lost, duplicated, or not being utilised at all, limiting the value of the data overall.

Systems integration with Agility CMMS at the hub inter-connecting with various external constructs, sensors, cameras and IoT devices demonstrates the seamless and autonomous network in action and enables you to harness the power of data.

Agility can consume data from sensors and IoT devices and either record the readings against an asset or perform tasks such as create a work order e.g., investigate fire alarm panel alert, or machine error. Requests can be generated based on pre-defined triggers into the system (IoT sensor temperature change, etc.) and then processed automatically based on the workflow desired and KPI’s inherited to the task type.

This ability to consume data to detect patterns, anomalies and trends is vital to operations. This becomes even more powerful when the information requests are translated between Agility and other systems across a single, seamless data bridge, ensuring a consistent flow of communication.

Effective systems integration facilitates an increased flow of maintenance information, reduces costs, leads to increased production and enhanced operations. Discover Agility today email or call 01924 200344.