Plant & Works Engineering
Virtual reality system launched
Published:  05 May, 2022

RANDEX, a leading vertical storage lift company is launching a virtual reality (VR) system that simulates vertical storage space and performance. The ‘Randex VR’ system, for which the company is claiming an industry first, uses VR and BIM (building information modelling) technology to graphically test and demonstrate in-building vertical storage lift location and the picking throughput that the Randex Compact vertical lift supports. Randex VR generates digital models that show best machine fit and the optimum picking speeds that can be achieved in a ‘what if?’ scenario.

Commenting on the launch, Randex director James Roberts says: “Randex VR is the first system of its kind in this market. Its advanced space and performance planning capabilities will save industry time and money as well as giving automated vertical storage users a competitive edge.”

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